Eleazer Whipple House, Rhode Island

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Eleazer Whipple House

Rhode Island

Eleazer Whipple House, Rhode Island

The Eleazer Whipple house was built around the year 1680 and demolished in 1964. It was located here in the 900 block of the Great Road in Limerock. His (earlier) first house--located in the same place--was burned by Indians in the war of 1675. The row of rocks seen in the foreground lining the road and is still partly visible in 2004. Eleazer was the third son of Captain John. Whipple.

Source: Edward Field, State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations at the End of the Century: A History (Boston: Mason Pub. Co., 1902) 3:608. Submitted by Charles M. Whipple.

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