Capt. John Whipple's House, 1912

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Capt. John Whipple's House, 1912

369 N. Main, Providence, RI

Capt. John Whipple's House, Providence, Rhode Island

369 North Main Street, Providence, Rhode Island Photos circa 1912, Preston Collection, Rhode Island State Archives, 337 Westminster Street, Providence, Rhode Island, 02903. (Submitted by Charles M. Whipple, 14 Sep 2005.)

Of this photo, Charles writes:

The sign over the front door says:

369 Providence 369
Dry and Fancy Goods
Remnants Direct From the Factory
B.F. Rosen

The store windows show table cloths, towels, head scarves, sheets with an unreadable sign on the right.

The retaining wall is badly scarred and crumbling in places. From its appearance I would say that it had been there for decades. The street is so narrow I can understand why the city would feel the need to bull doze the whole thing to allow for modern traffic patterns. It is just a pity that it didn't move 369 to an historical park or similar place--since it was long the oldest house. Providence did finally create a preservation society in the mid 1950s to save these old houses, but it was too late for 369.

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