Welcome Aboard USS Whipple (FF-1062)

by George Carroll Whipple III

Ships Named for Commodore Whipple

USS WHIPPLE (FF 1062) is the third ship of the Fleet to bear the name WHIPPLE.

The first ship named for Commodore Abraham Whipple was the DD15, a torpedo boat destroyer, commissioned 17 February 1903 at Norfolk, Virginia. She saw peacetime service in both the Atlantic and Pacific fleets, participating in numerous exercises and in patrols off the Mexican coast for which she received the Mexican Service Medal.

The onset of the First World War found WHIPPLE guarding the approaches to the Panama Canal. The latter part of 1917 was spent escorting convoys in the vicinity of the Azores. This was followed by escort duty and ASW patrols off the coast of France. The first WHIPPLE was decommissioned 7 July 1919.

The second ship to bear Commodore Whipple's name was the DD-217, one of the "four piper" destroyers, commissioned 23 April 1920 at Philadelphia. She saw active service with the Atlantic Fleet and in the Mediterranean before setting course for the Far East. The years from 1921-1925 were spent "showing the flag" as a unit of the Asiatic Fleet.

Upon return to the United States, WHIPPLE saw service in the Second Nicaraguan Campaign while serving with the Atlantic Fleet. She then visited the Mediterranean before departing for the West Coast and a twelve year tour with the Asiatic Fleet.

WHIPPLE saw wartime service in both the Atlantic and Pacific Fleets as a convoy escort and member of ASW Hunter Killer Groups, receiving two battle stars for operations in the Philippine Islands and the Mediterranean, On 6 June 1945 WHIPPLE was converted to a high speed submarine target ship (AG-117), after which she served with 'the Pacific Submarine Training Command. WHIPPLE was decommissioned at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, 9 November 1945.

Ship's Statistics

Length 438 feet
Beam 46 feet, 9 inches
Draft 24 feet, 11 inches
Displacement 4200 tons (full load)
Speed In excess of 24 knots
Propulsion 35,000 shaft horsepower steam
turbine, single screw

Commander Anderson W. Wacaser, United States Navy

Commander Wacaser graduated from the University of California in 1966. After attending submarine school he served in USS WAHOO (SS 565) as Supply Officer and Weapons Officer and in USS SALMON (SS 572) as Engineer Officer. After a tour as Force Training Officer on the Staff, Commander Submarine Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet he served as Engineer Officer, Operations Officer, Navigator and Executive Officer in USS GRAYBACK (LPSS 574) and Navigator in USS OKLAHOMA CITY (CG 5). Upon completion of duty under instruction at the Armed Forces Staff College, Commander Wacaser served as Executive Officer and Navigator in USS BADGER (FF 1071). His most recent tour was as Assistant Officer in Charge of the LAMPS MK III Helicopter Fleet Introduction Team in Dulles. Virginia.

Commander Wacaser is married to the former Dianne Thompson of San Diego.

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