Webster Family Connection

by George Carroll Whipple III

The Webster family in America was founded by Thomas and Sarah Webster. Thomas Webster was born in Ormsby, Norfolk County, England in November 1631. Thomas Webster arrived in America as an infant with his widowed mother around 1635. He married Sarah Brewer and died in Hampton, N.H. in 1715. Thomas and Sarah were the parents of nine children including Ebenezer, (b. August 1, 1667) who also had nine offspring. His eldest son was also named Ebenezer (b. October 10, 1714). This Ebenezer was a colonel and served with General Washington during the Revolutionary War. He was present at White Plains and at Berrington. Ebenezer's sons included.Daniel Webster, the great statesman and Ezekiel Webster whose daughter Alice Bridge Webster married the Rev. George Whipple D.D. [ 1 ]

  1. From Memorial Poems and Brief Ancestral Record of Webster

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